Mission Statement

Our mission is for Westwood to be a walkable, sustainable, and comfortable traditional neighborhood rooted in the planning goals and objectives of the Town's Comprehensive Plan, compatible with surrounding neighborhoods and an asset to the entire Town of Amherst. 


Benefits of the Westwood project for the Community

Approval from the Town of Amherst means that Mensch Capital Partners can begin brownfield remediation and ​will also allow us to make substantial investments that will pay dividends to our town, the Williamsville Central School District, the county and the state for many years to come! Here are some of the benefits:

From millennials to baby boomers-plus! Families, singles, and seniors can enjoy a lifestyle of convenience and camaraderie within a new beautiful community setting. Residents can choose from a variety of housing styles surrounded by ponds, parks, and natural wooded areas. And you can also tend to your daily needs at retail shops, professional service firms, and other walkable venues in the Westwood neighborhood.

With development comes the opportunity to solve existing problems that the Town of Amherst lacks the financial resources to address. The town has growing challenges to its sanitary sewer system, flooding in specific neighborhoods, and safety and congestion issues exist along specific roads. By approving the Westwood redevelopment plan, Mensch will invest in solutions that the town cannot afford to independently implement.

Let’s cleanup the brownfields. With approval of our project, we will clean up the contaminants that are left over from years of golf course maintenance. The current estimates for remediation are between $6 to $10 million. New York State’s cleanup program will only reimburse Mensch if we make investments 10 times the cost of remediation. The state’s program is focused on economic development and creating a larger tax base for the town, Williamsville Schools, Erie County and the state.

Happy trails, parks, and ponds. With 47 percent of the Westwood neighborhood designed as permanent open space and a trail network, residents will be surrounded by nature at every turn, including 100-year-old naturally wooded areas, a 6.5-acre lake along with smaller ponds, and recreational areas including a 39-acre publicly accessible park.

Let’s talk numbers. Here are some projections: new property tax revenue for the Town of Amherst; Williamsville Schools and Erie County are estimated at over $50 million (offsetting $25 million increase for government services); $17 million in additional sales tax revenue for state and local government; plus, $10 million in additional income tax revenue to the State of New York. Westwood’s redevelopment is a wise investment for the Town to grow its tax base.

Do it for the kids. Balancing the school budget has gotten harder with the recent two percent property tax cap. The largest economic beneficiary of the new Westwood Neighborhood will be the Williamsville Central Schools. We all know that investing in our schools pays dividends for generations to come.

Creating jobs builds a strong community. Upon full development of Westwood, we estimate that 400 new permanent jobs will be created along with 2,300 temporary construction jobs throughout the process.