Mensch Capital Partners, LLC, owners of the Westwood Country Club property on Sheridan Drive at North Forest Road in Amherst, has developed an innovative conceptual master plan to create Westwood, a new traditional neighborhood in the heart of Amherst that will feature great public spaces, a variety of residences and a neighborhood center that are all complementary to the surrounding community and the entire Town of Amherst.

This is smart development using traditional neighborhood design, which includes residential, recreation, neighborhood retail, hospitality, and professional office space elements.

Goody Clancy, a nationally renowned planner with relevant site expertise has been retained for the project, along with Fontanese Folts Aubrecht Ernst, a respected local architecture firm, and Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc., a trusted and experienced multi-disciplined engineering firm to assist in creating a conceptual master plan.

The Center for Government Research (CGR) was engaged by Mensch to evaluate the economic and fiscal impact of the Westwood redevelopment project.  CGR estimates that this redevelopment will:

  • Add 2,300 jobs during construction phase earning over $115 million
  • Assuming that only 25 percent of the businesses on the site are new to the Buffalo market, we estimate 400 additional jobs once fully operational earning $17 million annually
  • Generate an additional $58 million in property tax revenue more than offsetting the $25 million increase in the cost of government services
  • Generate an additional $17 million in sales tax revenue for the state and local government
  • Generate an additional $10 million in income tax revenue to the State of New York